Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure
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Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure · game online

Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure is an exciting platform game where you assume the role of a slice of pizza on a perilous but delectable journey. In this harsh world of discarded fast food, your objective is to consume as much of it as possible and grow in size while navigating a path out. However, you're not just any pizza slice - you possess the ability to double jump and shoot pepperoni at your foes! Utilize your extraordinary capabilities to consume mushrooms to enhance your strength, evade bomb-tossing hamboomgers, escape from airborne roasted chickens, evade the acidic spray of the soda monster, and do everything necessary to progress to the next level. If you've had your fill of luminescent mushrooms, you may evolve into a Super Pizza Slice, allowing you to unleash even more lethal ingredients! Can you successfully complete all of the levels in Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure?

How to play the game Fast Food: Dumpster Adventure?

Walk - A/D or Left/Right arrows

Shoot - F

Jump - Space bar

Evolve - Y

Aim upward - W or Up arrow

Look down - S or Down arrow

Descent - Jump while looking down (S + Space)

Pause - ESC