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There are numerous games about stickmen, which can vary in genre and gameplay. For example, one such game can be a platformer, where the player controls a stickman, jumping over obstacles and fighting enemies on their way. In another game, the stickman can be the main character in a third-person shooter, where they have to fight bandits and other villains. There are also puzzles where the player must help the stickman pass through challenging levels, solving various puzzles and tasks.

Some stickman games can also be geared towards multiplayer mode, where players can battle each other in PvP mode or team up to fight more powerful enemies.

Regardless of the genre, stickman games can offer different levels of difficulty, from easy to extreme, as well as different modes, such as campaign, survival, arcade, etc.

Furthermore, stickman games can be executed in different styles, such as pixel art, 3D graphics, and others. They can also have different settings and scenarios, such as a fantasy world or a realistic world.

Overall, stickman games offer a variety of options for entertainment, and each player can choose a game to their liking.