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"The Henry Stickmin" game series is a set of interactive games where players help the main character, Henry Stickmin, achieve various goals such as robbing a bank, escaping from prison, taking over the government, and much more. Each game presents its own story and includes multiple paths that can be taken by making different decisions in the game.

The series starts with "Breaking the Bank," where Henry attempts to rob a bank, but all his attempts end in failure. This is followed by "Escaping the Prison," where Henry is arrested and imprisoned, and players must help him escape using various methods and making different decisions.

Next are "Stealing the Diamond," "Infiltrating the Airship," "Fleeing the Complex," and "Completing the Mission," each of which offers its own unique tasks and missions. Each game has multiple possible outcomes and endings depending on the decisions made by the player.

"The Henry Stickmin" game series has become popular thanks to its humorous approach and unexpected plot twists. Players can play the games multiple times to see all the possible endings and stories.