Bob the Robber
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Bob the Robber · game online

From a young age, Young Bob was known for his unusual abilities. He could easily open locked cupboard doors with cookies and steal a hot dog to give to a homeless person. That's how young Bob was brought up. However, as he grew older, the boy decided to fight evil while still maintaining his unique style. How? He robs the rich and helps the poor. In the game "Bob the Robber," you will assist the modern Robin Hood. Five levels of adventures await you. You will start your hero's journey in a barn and an old mansion. Such houses are always full of rare and valuable collectibles. That's why they are guarded by surveillance cameras and guards. You need to carefully study the instructions to get hints. You can easily pick simple locks, but for electronic locks, you will need a code, which can often be found in notes. Be careful with cameras and guards. Avoid cameras when they turn away, and you can temporarily neutralize guards with a blow to the head with a club. Enjoy the game!

How to play the game Bob the Robber ?

Bob the Robber Instructions:

Control Bob's movements using the Arrow Keys or A and D keys to move left and right. Press the up arrow to inspect objects for money, access stairs or elevators, or interact with items behind Bob. Your goal is to reach the objective in each level and safely escape! Employ strategic tactics to disarm cameras, evade guards, deactivate traps, and overcome various challenges.

Remain vigilant for adversaries seeking to apprehend you. From robots to surveillance cameras, numerous obstacles pose threats throughout the game. Utilize stealth and cunning to navigate the environment and steal the loot.

How do I disable the camera in Bob the Robber? The most effective approach to dealing with cameras is evasion rather than direct confrontation. Bob the Robber prioritizes stealth gameplay, often requiring avoidance over confrontation. Stay out of the camera's line of sight and use shadows for concealment to minimize the risk of detection.