Zombie Mission 5
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Zombie Mission 5 · game online

The latest installment of the Zombie Mission game, Zombie Mission 5, has been released. Twoplayergames.org has introduced exciting new features to this popular game series! By collecting coins during gameplay, you can visit the "UPGRADES" section and purchase advanced weapons and additional lives. Additionally, the newly added section allows you to select from various difficulty levels, including Normal, Hard, and Extreme. Your ultimate objective is to overcome the final level's formidable "BOSS" and successfully rescue all the hostages. Join the mission and be the savior they need!

How to play the game Zombie Mission 5?

Use the WASD key to move and the F key to shoot with the female character. Use the arrow keys to move and the L key to shoot with the male character. Use the Q and the U keys to change weapons with the female and male character, respectively.