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Duo Vikings 2 · game online

"Duet of Vikings 2" is an exciting platformer puzzle game designed for two-player gameplay, but can also be played solo by switching between the two heroes. Players can enjoy the unique abilities of each Viking. One of them is a sturdy strong Viking with a horned helmet and shield, which can be used to fly down from a high platform, and the other is a small agile Viking with a red beard and hammer that can be used to break down walls.

Players embark on a new adventure that begins with the Vikings finding a golden scroll in the previous part of the game. The scroll tells of a castle in whose dungeon an unusual egg is hidden. Now their main goal is to get this egg.

At the beginning of the game, the Viking duo docks at the new castle and begins to explore it, passing through numerous halls and obstacles. On the way to the treasure trove, they will have to face various traps and obstacles that can only be overcome if players work together.

Among these obstacles will be doors that can be activated with buttons, lever switches, lifting mechanisms, a bowman in a green cloak firing arrows, and a monk ready to raise the alarm, suspecting something is amiss. In addition, on each level, players will find three gold coins that need to be collected.

Complete all the trials with the Vikings, find the golden egg, and uncover its secret in the next part of the game. To be continued...

How to play the game Duo Vikings 2?

Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump - W or Up arrow key

Hit/Use - S or Down arrow key


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