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Duo Vikings · game online

"Duet of Vikings" is an exciting puzzle-platformer game designed for two players, but it can also be played solo. In the game, you play as two Viking heroes. One hero is stout and strong, with a horned helmet and shield, while the other is a small, agile Viking with a red beard.

After a long journey at sea, the two heroes come across a castle atop a cliff. With the goal of acquiring treasure, they raid the castle and explore it, moving from room to room on their way to the treasure chamber. Their path is filled with obstacles and traps that can only be overcome by working together.

The game features many different traps and obstacles that the heroes must overcome using their unique skills. The stout Viking has a shield that can be used to glide down from high platforms smoothly, while the red-bearded Viking has a hammer that can help break through walls. They will encounter sliding barriers that can be opened by activating buttons or levers, and each level has three golden coins that need to be collected.

On their way to the treasure chamber, the Vikings will encounter various enemies, such as a bowman in a green cloak who shoots arrows. To overcome all obstacles and enemies, the heroes must closely interact with each other, combining their unique skills.

An interesting discovery awaits the Vikings in the treasure chamber that will determine their future. To be continued...

How to play the game Duo Vikings?

Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump - W or Up arrow key

Hit/Use - S or Down arrow key


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