Subway Surfers World Tour: Saint Petersburg
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Subway Surfers World Tour: Saint Petersburg · game online

Saint Petersburg, the newest location we invite you to discover in the Subway Surfers World Tour Games series, is an exciting adventure that we are delighted to share with everyone here. We know from our own experience how much joy can be derived from each new release!

Have a blast with Subway Surfers in St. Petersburg! Your goal is to go as far as possible, traversing the metro lines without colliding with obstacles or trains too many times. If that happens, the pursuing police officer will catch you because you've been graffiti-tagging.

So, use the arrow keys to move, jump, and slide, employing these actions to avoid obstacles while collecting coins along the way. The more coins you gather, the higher your score will be, allowing you to purchase skins and more. The surfboard power-up enables you to soar, so when you acquire it, activate it with the spacebar.

We wish you the best of luck, as it's only possible here, and we invite you to try other stops on the world tour from this series. We have them all!

How to play the game Subway Surfers World Tour: Saint Petersburg?

In the game "Subway Surfers World Tour: Saint Petersburg," control on the computer is done using the arrow keys, and the spacebar is used to activate the skateboard. The goal of the game "Subway Surfers World Tour: Saint Petersburg" is for the hero to run as far as possible, overcoming obstacles and avoiding oncoming trains. If the player collides with something, the inspector catches them, and the game ends. While running, it is necessary to collect gold coins and various bonuses, which unlock new gameplay features.


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