Tomb Runner
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Tomb Runner · game online

In "Tomb Runner," your goal is to run as far as possible while scoring as many points as you can. Use the earned coins to unlock new heroes who will accompany you on your adventures. This dynamic runner is inspired by Temple Run and promises thrilling gameplay.

The enterprising protagonist embarks on a quest to find the coveted treasure and escape from the tomb, and you must assist him in his quest. Navigate through flaming statues, spiked barrels, narrow passages, and challenging turns, experiencing an adrenaline rush! As you progress, obstacles become increasingly dangerous! Stay alert, as one mistake could cost you the entire game.

How to play the game Tomb Runner?

The directional keys on your keyboard dictate your character's actions. Pressing the left arrow key moves your character to the left side of the track, while the right arrow key moves them to the right. Pressing the up arrow key causes the character to jump over obstacles, and pressing the down arrow key makes the character slide underneath any obstacles in their path.