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Mutazone · game online

Mutazone is an exciting adventure action game where you'll have to face waves of zombies, mutants, and other aggressive creatures attacking you. Take control of a survivor that you can customize to your liking by choosing from various clothing, hairstyles, pets, and weapons. Your weapons fire automatically, so you'll need to actively move around the area and attack as many monsters as possible, trying to escape their deadly grip. By destroying countless enemies, you'll accumulate green slime and level up, a characteristic feature of other rogue-lite and role-playing games.

Once you collect a sufficient amount of slime, you'll be able to unlock a random ability that will change your gameplay style. Choose which enhancement to acquire, as it will have long-lasting consequences. Develop a strategy for your character's development and make sure you select only the best skills to help you survive the night. Among them are healing, increased attack power, expanded range of attack, and even exciting weapons like homing rockets and lasers! Don't forget to collect chests to unlock amazing rewards! Can you survive against the undead horde in Mutazone?

How to play the game Mutazone?

WASD: use the WASD keys or the Arrow keys to walk around!