Day of Meat: Castle
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Day of Meat: Castle · game online

Your realm is facing an assault from an unidentified foe, and your fortress stands as the final stronghold of defense! Seize command of the castle's defensive capacities to drive away these invaders! As the archers stationed on the castle walls battle in your stead, it is up to you to oversee and regulate your scarce resources to safeguard those within! Gather crystals to acquire awe-inspiring enhancements for the castle, ranging from golden eggs filled with cascading riches to flames reminiscent of dragon breath! Safeguard your abode against ceaseless waves of monsters, all while exuding a stylish demeanor!

How to play the game Day of Meat: Castle?

Get money from defeating enemies and use it to upgrade you castle. At the end of each round, buy new upgrades using crystals and keep getting stronger!