Battle for the Throne
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Battle for the Throne · game online

Prepare to ascend the throne and lead your kingdom to victory in this epic battle of kings! As a monarch, your primary weapon is your collection of cards, each representing a unique unit ready for deployment on the battlefield. From fearsome warriors to cunning tacticians, your arsenal knows no bounds.

Engage in intense clashes with rival kings, utilizing a combination of units to outmaneuver and overpower your adversaries. Some cards unleash devastating attacks, while others contribute to your kingdom's prosperity by mining gold or setting cunning traps for unsuspecting foes.

Embark on quests to expand your dominion, fortify your defenses, and amass a formidable deck capable of withstanding any challenge. But remember, victory hinges not just on the strength of your cards, but also on the wisdom of your strategies. Only the most cunning and strategic ruler will emerge as the one true king, reigning supreme over all others!

How to play the game Battle for the Throne?

Tap on the empty tiles to build a tower. Draw a path for your soldiers to attack the enemy castle.