Olly the Paw
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Olly the Paw · game online

Olly the Paw invites you into an idle gaming experience, where you assume the role of an adorable bear embarking on a mission to restore a damaged airplane! To reconstruct the aircraft step by step, you'll need to accumulate sufficient coins to unlock different areas and locate misplaced manuals. Begin with the apples collected from trees, trading various fruits and foods such as blueberries and honey with affluent reindeer for monetary rewards. By supplying ample materials to the Panda chef, you'll be rewarded with delightful desserts to peddle. Hone your skills at the mole's dwelling and seek assistance from charming foxes as needed. Can you skillfully amass all the components and skillfully piece the airplane back together?

How to play the game Olly the Paw?

Use WASD or arrow keys to move, or simply click and hold your mouse to point where you want to go.