Pool Master 3D
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Pool Master 3D · game online

Pick up your cue stick and prepare to rack up points while solving entertaining puzzles in Pool Master 3D. Unlike your typical pool game, your challenge here is to strategically sink all the balls into the pockets across numerous levels!

Your goal in this game is straightforward. In each level, you'll receive a cue ball and must guide it to push other balls into the pockets. Each level features distinct tracks that dictate the ball's movement. While it may sound simple, exercise caution before nudging a ball into a hole. If not done in the correct order, you may find yourself stuck and in need of restarting. To control the ball, use your mouse—click and drag it in the desired direction for the ball's movement. If you make a misstep, the undo button at the bottom is at your disposal. As you successfully tackle levels, you'll earn coins that can be spent on acquiring various types of balls! Enjoy the game!

How to play the game Pool Master 3D?

You can use your mouse to play this game.