Dive Masters
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Dive Masters · game online

Stretch carefully and take a dive into the cool waters, Dive Masters! In this water jumping competition, your main goal is to achieve perfection in every move. So get ready to perform parkour at your best.

Everything you need to focus on in this game is your jumps and how you control your body during free fall. Your aim is to avoid poorly thought-out backward jumps or missed moments when entering the water. Simply click the left mouse button and hold it until you find the optimal position and direction for free falling. When you're ready, release the left mouse button and watch your character complete their descent. With a successful landing, you progress higher on the platform and move on to the next level. As you master the game, you'll be able to perform more challenging parkour and unlock better characters to add diversity to your experience. So, let's see how gracefully you can make those water jumps!

How to play the game Dive Masters?

Click left and keep it until you find the best position and direction to fall freely. Release the left click to start the diving trick.