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KEEP OUT! · game online

"KEEP OUT!" is an HTML5 action game where players explore dungeons and gather treasures.

It's a thrilling horror game tailored for adventurers who relish dungeon escapades. Players take charge of a character maneuvering through perilous dungeons, evading obstacles and foes. The aim is to delve into dungeons, accumulating treasures while dodging hindrances and adversaries.

Success hinges on players' swift reflexes and their ability to foresee and evade obstacles and enemies. "KEEP OUT!" boasts vibrant, captivating graphics brimming with personality and charm. Its user-friendly controls and straightforward gameplay cater to players of all ages.

How to play the game KEEP OUT!?

Controls in the game "KEEP OUT!" on the computer are managed using the keyboard.

W to move forward

S to move backward

A to strafe left

D to strafe right

Q to turn left

E to turn right

Space bar to use sword

F to use bow

X to use bomb

C to use wand

R to use potion

On a phone or tablet, touch controls are used.