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WormsArena.io · game online

Slip your way into the arena and expand in size to ascend the leaderboard in WormsArena.io! The world of worms is harsh, and survival is an ongoing struggle. Can you emerge triumphantly from this challenge unscathed?

This arena is insufficient for such a multitude of worms, so let the most adaptable endure the longest! Your goal in this game is to enlarge your worms by consuming pellets and evading other worms before the clock ticks down. Upon commencing the game, you can opt to maneuver using your mouse or keyboard. Your worm will move automatically. Shift your cursor left and right to alter directions, or employ the arrow keys. For an acceleration boost, press the left mouse button or SPACEBAR. The top of the screen displays the remaining time, your kill score, and your total score. Each pellet consumed adds a point to your score and extends your body. Exercise caution as you navigate the arena. Colliding with other worms' tails will result in your demise, but you can also attempt to outsmart others into colliding with you. Vanquished worms leave behind pellets accessible to all. Following each round, you'll earn coins based on your score, which can be used to unlock new skins! How colossal can you grow before time elapses?

How to play the game WormsArena.io?

Use your mouse or the keyboard to play.