Murder Mafia
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Murder Mafia · game online

In the game "Murder Mafia" every participant builds intrigues and seeks to eliminate the current leader. Becoming a criminal authority is no easy task, but it comes with many advantages. Can you conquer the position of the boss and survive assassination attempts on your life?

Your goal in this game is simple! Kill the current boss, taking his place, and survive murder attempts directed at you. You are an ambitious individual, dreaming of power and influence over others. When the game begins, your primary task is to eliminate the mafia boss. Keep an eye on him and look for the right moment to strike. But be cautious! This boss is wary and constantly checking on you. Once you have an opportunity, click and hold the mouse button to fill the bar at the top of the screen. When it's full, you will eliminate the leader and take his place. Now, your job is to protect yourself from other players. People will follow you as you move. Stay vigilant. They will attempt to attack you, but you'll need to catch them at the right moment and send them to prison. If you act preemptively, they will behave normally. Just remember that not everyone is your enemy, so through trial and error, determine who is an ally and who is an enemy. The game offers twelve different outcomes, so play to explore them all!

How to play the game Murder Mafia?

Use your mouse to play.