Poor Eddie
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Poor Eddie · game online

Unfortunate Eddie seems to always find himself in the most perilous predicaments. Whether it's being catapulted into the air by a trampoline and kicked while airborne, or being subjected to explosive blasts and launched across treacherous chasms, Eddie's luck never seems to improve. In the game "Poor Eddie," you assume control of this hapless individual and are tasked with guiding him through each level, strategically maneuvering him towards the coveted finish line. Prepare to encounter a plethora of obstacles, such as menacing spikes and explosive TNT, but fear not, for there are also helpful tools at your disposal. Elevators and lifts abound, ready to transport Eddie to the precise locations he needs to reach. Can you shield Eddie from harm and guide him to his intended destinations?

How to play the game Poor Eddie?

Use your mouse (or finger) to click on different buttons to help Eddie! The whole game can be played by just clicking buttons!