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Shotdogs · game online

Are you tired of waking up on the beach only to find a seagull right in your face, making you want to throw something at it? Well, in Shotdogs, the first thing you can grab is your gun, and as you throw it, you'll realize how incredibly fun it is! But that's not all - now you can enlist the help of other seagulls, bouncy slimes, hot air balloons, and much more to propel your gun even further! Upgrade your throwing strength, reduce recoil on your gun, and increase the number of bullets you have with the assistance of the friendly upgrade-dog vendor. Can you reach all 10 islands with just the power of your clicks? Get ready for an exciting adventure in Shotdogs!

How to play the game Shotdogs?

Click the left mouse button at the perfect time to launch your gun to the stars!