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Zrist DX · game online

Prepare yourself for an endless running challenge on a luminous platform! With each passing moment, this game keeps adding new rules, turning it into an infinite race of adaptation. Get ready for the ever-changing laws that shift every ten seconds. Keep your senses sharp and let's go! Follow the tutorial to learn the basic moves. On PC, you can jump using the left click and duck with the right click. On mobile, simply touch left and right. The game will inform you about the new rules before switching modes. Take a breather during these transitions and continue when you're ready for the next wave. You can also watch brief ads during these breaks to earn extra credits. Use these credits to purchase new character skins and game themes from the in-game shop. Keep exploring new modes, practicing your skills, and breaking your own records to improve your reflexes with this challenging game!

How to play the game Zrist DX?

You can use your mouse to play this game. On mobile, touch left to duck and right to jump.