Capture the Chickens
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Capture the Chickens · game online

Ariel, the main hero of our story, has lost his chicks on the farm where he lives, and now he decides to embark on a quest to find them. In the game "Capture The Chickens," you will help him in this thrilling adventure. Along the way, Ariel will encounter various enemy traps and obstacles. Apples and other useful items will be scattered everywhere. Once you find a chicken, use the magic wand to move it into your inventory. Try to catch as many chicks as possible and earn points for it. Attempt to uncover the mystery of the dreadful monster who caused all these events and bring your chicks back home.

How to play the game Capture the Chickens?

In the game "Capture The Chickens," the controls on the computer are operated using the keyboard, while on a phone or tablet, they are controlled through taps. To summon a bubble, press X, and to shoot, press the spacebar.