Tomb of the Mark 2
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Tomb of the Mark 2 · game online

The "Tomb of the Mark 2" opens the door to a world of mysterious secrets and dangers. Its hidden passageways are filled with deadly traps lurking in every corner, and dangerous enemies ready to test your courage and cunning. Venturing inside this forgotten tomb becomes an incredible trial where you must overcome dozens of levels to reach the exit unscathed.

Each level presents a unique labyrinth brimming with riddles and perils. Use the arrow keys to maneuver through this breathtaking world. Your hero will deftly navigate walls and steps, only stopping in the face of an obstacle. Beware of cunning traps, such as menacing spikes, and remain vigilant with every step you take.

Collect all the coins scattered throughout the levels to complete the challenge. Only then will the exit portal open, granting you access to the next trial. Remember: even if you reach the portal, failing to gather even a single coin will prevent you from fully completing the level. In addition to coins, don't forget to gather the shimmering stars that illuminate each level. They provide extra points and reflect your true mastery. A splendid reward awaits you for every star you collect!

How to play the game Tomb of the Mark 2?

Use the arrow keys to control your character.