Monster School Challenges
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Monster School Challenges · game online

Dive into the world of Monster School and become the best student in trials that will exceed all your expectations! The corridors come alive with creepy monsters ready to help you pass all the exciting lessons. You will have to compete in three thrilling games that will amaze you with their variety and interesting mechanics.

The first game, bottle flipping, will finally make you remember that long-forgotten dexterity of hands to land the bottle in a flat place. Become a true master and toss the bottle with precision to get the highest score and win!

The second game, parkour, invites you to a real extreme quest. Go through traps and obstacles, jumping and climbing to the top to reach the finish line. Be careful, every step can cost you your life, but if you complete the task, you will get the maximum score and become a true hero!

And finally, the game "Roller Coaster" invites you to an adrenaline-fueled race on your own cart. Avoid dangers, speed up, and take off into the air to overcome obstacles and reach the finish line first! But be careful, one wrong move and you may fall into the abyss!

Take your school bag and get ready for the best lessons of your life! All your monster classmates are waiting for you at the starting line! You will be amazed by the variety of characters and exciting mini-games that will test your agility, wit, and reaction. Try to pass all the trials with flying colors to become a true hero of Monster School!

How to play the game Monster School Challenges?

You can use the arrow keys, left click, and the space key to play the mini-games according to the instructions.