Monster School Challenge 2
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Monster School Challenge 2 · game online

Welcome to the magnificent Monster School, where students undergo the scariest challenges! By opening its granite doors, Monster School Challenges 2 invites both new and old students to the toughest lessons that will make them tremble with tension and adrenaline.

This school is known far beyond its borders, as many famous monsters have received their education here. Among them, you can meet numerous characters who have become memorable forever. However, do not relax because a difficult path awaits you!

Your teacher will be Herobrine, but don't think that you can conquer this world just by reading books. Here, all monsters are real, and to succeed, you need to learn through practice.

Completing three lessons is your goal. Each lesson is a real challenge for your monster. You will run, slide on water, and shoot arrows. And all of this is not just for entertainment - you need to show that you are the best monster in Monster School!

On the first lesson, you must demonstrate your endurance by running away from the scary Haggie and avoiding all obstacles in your path. On the second lesson, you will have to crush the water slide, avoiding horrible obstacles and reaching the finish line. And on the third lesson, you will have to master the skill of using a bow and arrows and defeat Herobrine, bypassing all obstacles in your path.

However, do not despair if you cannot pass the lesson the first time. You can try again and again until you achieve your goal. The main thing is not to forget that you are a real monster and you can overcome any difficulties!

Choose the lesson you want to take from the main menu and get ready for the most exciting adventure!

How to play the game Monster School Challenge 2?

You can use your mouse to play. Use the WASD keys to control your character.