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Skydom · game online

Welcome, esteemed visitor, to the majestic realm of Skydom, where kingdoms of untold splendor await your arrival! Brace yourself, for you are about to embark on a dazzling bejeweled adventure, where vibrant gemstones adorn every corner of this enchanting place. Prepare to immerse yourself in a kaleidoscope of colors that will captivate your senses. Within this realm, a multitude of levels beckon, promising an extended sojourn in this vivid world. Are you prepared to conquer each and every mission and ascend to the pinnacle of greatness?

Here in the high kingdoms, gemstones reign supreme, coveted by all who lay eyes upon their resplendent beauty. Yet, with your arrival, the stakes have been raised, igniting a fiery competition amongst the inhabitants. Your objective within this realm is to triumph over each level, conquering the unique missions that lie within. Armed with only your mouse as your loyal companion, you shall venture forth. Begin by selecting a profile picture that best represents your indomitable spirit, for it is a symbol of your presence within this realm.

To partake in this wondrous game, your task is to unite three or more identical gems either horizontally or vertically. With each successful combination, you inch closer to victory. But beware, for other players shall stand in your path, each vying for the same goal. Strive to collect the target number of gems before your moves dwindle away, for only then shall you claim triumph over your rivals. To move a gem, simply click upon it and select an adjacent spot, orchestrating the intricate dance of these precious jewels. Through careful manipulation, fortuitous arrangements shall grant you magnificent power-ups, propelling you towards victory.

As you navigate the intricate levels that await, be mindful of your remaining moves and the goals that lie before you, displayed proudly upon the left side of the screen. These vital indicators shall guide your every decision, ensuring you stay on the path to glory. With determination as your ally, may fortune smile upon your endeavors, and may your journey through the realms of Skydom be filled with boundless joy.

Now, intrepid adventurer, the time has come to embrace this gem-studded odyssey. Venture forth into the radiant realms of Skydom, where each level unlocks a new chapter of enchantment. May your wit be sharp, your gem-matching prowess unparalleled, and your spirit unwavering. Luck be with you, noble traveler, as you embark on this exhilarating quest. May the dazzling gems illuminate your path and bring you immeasurable delight along the way.

How to play the game Skydom?

You can play this game with your mouse.


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