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Jewel Explode · game online

The puzzle game Jewel Explode represents a new twist in the classic "Match 3" genre. Players aim to unite colored gemstones into long sequences, striving for the maximum possible combinations. Exercise caution as you immerse yourself in this captivating task.

Embark on an adventure with Jewel Explode, the latest addition to the renowned "Match 3" series. This rendition boasts an elegant atmosphere, adorned with gold, vibrant crystals, and intricate mechanisms that hint at the charm of steampunk. Allow the dazzling splendor to illuminate your screen as you enjoy the free gameplay.

In the game Jewel Explode, players must identify sets of three or more identical crystals, arranging them in horizontal or vertical lines. Upon success, these matching crystals disappear, making room for new elements and earning points for the player. Further combinations unlock special bonus gemstones, each endowed with unique abilities, from explosive impacts to mass removal of pieces of the same color.

With each subsequent level, difficulties increase, presenting players with tasks such as reaching specific thresholds or clearing stone blocks hidden beneath the crystals. Completion requires strategic moves within allotted turns or time constraints. Succumb to the charm of Jewel Explode, where riches await, offering not only entertainment but also the opportunity to sharpen logical thinking.

How to play the game Jewel Explode?

Use your mouse to play.