Dog Puzzle Story 3
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Dog Puzzle Story 3 · game online

Vibrant visuals, an array of toys, and an adorable puppy make a delightful return in Dog Puzzle Story 3. Are you prepared to engage in toy-matching fun and conquer numerous entertaining levels?

Your charming canine companion will lead you through the levels, making the gameplay enjoyable. Your objective is straightforward. Similar to the earlier games in the series, each level presents a task that you must accomplish without exhausting your allotted moves. The game can be played using your mouse, so let's begin the matching adventure! The left panel of the game screen displays your objective, while above it, you can track your points and remaining moves. To match toys, align three or more of them on the board. Move the toys by clicking and dragging them to adjacent squares, bearing in mind that you can only relocate a toy if the move results in a match. Forming four or five toys in different shapes creates powerful super toys, and the puppy will provide guidance on acquiring them! Alongside these potent super toys, you can also utilize power-ups, initially locked but collected as you progress through the game. Enjoy the colorful and entertaining journey!

How to play the game Dog Puzzle Story 3?

You can use your mouse to play this game.