Dream Pet Link 2
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Dream Pet Link 2 · game online

Welcome to Dream Pet Link 2! In this exciting puzzle game, you'll be connecting charming animals. The new chapter of this captivating saga offers players the choice of two difficulty levels and the opportunity to master the changing rules at each stage. There are two modes with different numbers of cards in front of you - choose where you want to start and let's get matching!

Animal lovers and nature enthusiasts, unite! We have a new puzzle challenge just for you! Immerse yourself in a new world and get acquainted with all sorts of creatures. You'll need the help of friends to conquer all the levels! Don't waste time and start with the first level to experience its excitement firsthand! In the tutorial programs, you'll see examples of the game and can test your skills. To correctly match two cards, you'll need no more than two moves. Notice any extra pairs stacked together? Try to match as many figures in the middle as possible to free up space and increase the number of possible matches. If you encounter difficulties, don't forget to use the bonus magnifying glass to search for pairs within the crowd and conquer challenging levels. Good luck in the game!

How to play the game Dream Pet Link 2?

You can use your mouse to play.