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Jacksmith · game online

Set out on an exhilarating adventure alongside Jacksmith and his young apprentice, Scout! Princess Liliana finds herself held captive by the malevolent sorcerer Dudley, and it falls to Jacksmith to rescue her. However, Jacksmith isn't a formidable warrior, so he makes the decision to craft top-notch weaponry and entrust it to those who will fight in his stead. In the game "Jacksmith," you assume the role of a skilled blacksmith, crafting weapons for the warriors who frequent your workshop. You can fashion swords, bows, axes, and a wide array of other weapon types. You have the freedom to select the materials and components for each weapon. As the day draws to a close, your warriors will put your creations to the test by battling nearby monsters. With every triumph, you draw nearer to the princess's salvation and the completion of your mission! Can you rise to become the finest blacksmith in the realm and rescue the princess?

How to play the game Jacksmith?

Use the mouse to build your weapons.