Parking Way
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Parking Way · game online

At Parking Way, you'll find an exciting and colorful challenge! Parking cars is usually considered a boring and stressful activity, but in this game, it's completely different! Can you successfully complete all the levels without any incidents?

In this game, your task is to skillfully park each car in its designated spot to successfully finish the levels. In the first few stages, you'll only have to deal with one car, but as you progress, you'll encounter multiple cars simultaneously. Each car has its own color, and you need to park it in a spot of the same color. To do this, simply draw a line from the car to the corresponding parking spot, but be careful! Avoid collisions with obstacles, or the car will crash, and you'll have to start the level again. At some stages, you'll come across boxes and crates that can be removed by drawing a line for a tractor. Also, don't forget to collect all the stars on the level. If your initial attempts don't succeed, you can always redraw the lines. How many levels can you complete?

How to play the game Parking Way?

Use your mouse to play.