Duo Vikings 3
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Duo Vikings 3 · game online

Welcome to the third part of the popular game "Viking Duo"! It's an exciting platformer puzzle designed for two players, but also available for solo play with the ability to switch between characters.

In this part of the game, our heroes, after obtaining the egg in the previous game, embark on a new adventure to a castle located on top of an active volcano. Making their way through the mountain, they discover a mysterious castle that they must explore from hall to hall and all the way to the heart of the boiling lava.

The entire path is filled with obstacles and traps that can only be overcome through teamwork. They will encounter retractable mechanisms that can be activated with buttons and levers, as well as knights in armor ready to take on any unwanted guests.

There are two Viking heroes in the game, each with their unique abilities. One of them is a sturdy Viking with a horned helmet and shield, who can be used to fly down from high platforms. The other is a small, agile Viking with a red beard and a hammer, who can demolish walls.

In addition, there are three golden coins to be found and collected on each level to complete the game.

Complete all the challenges with the heroes and uncover the mystery of the egg in this exciting platformer puzzle! Good luck!

How to play the game Duo Vikings 3?

Move - A/D or Left/Right arrow keys

Jump - W or Up arrow key

Hit/Use - S or Down arrow key


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