Broken Horn 2
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Broken Horn 2 · game online

"Broken Horn 2" is another thrilling game where your task is to ensure the safety of our hero and rescue him from all dangers. Our main character is called Broken Horn due to an unfortunate incident that occurred when he was riding towards the nearest castle on his horse and broke one of the horns on his helmet. Join the new adventure of our clumsy yet brave hero known as Broken Horn. In the second part of the game, he finds himself trapped in an enemy dungeon within the Egyptian Pyramids, and only you can help him escape. You'll need to guide him through the castle's underground corridors, overcoming obstacles along the way and avoiding encounters with dangerous enemies such as mummy guards, who won't spare him. Solve puzzles, wisely choose your path to safely reach the doors, and escape from this labyrinth!

How to play the game Broken Horn 2?

You can use your mouse to play this game.