Stickman That One Level
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Stickman That One Level · game online

Prepare to be simultaneously amazed and frustrated with Stickman That One Level! Replay various challenging versions of the same level, discover new strategies for survival, and unleash your creativity with each unique twist! Uncover hidden details on the platform, navigate through the gate, and open your eyes to identical levels featuring different traps!

Welcome to the ultimate nightmare — you're trapped eternally in a dungeon filled with deadly traps! Assume multiple roles, from a prisoner to a ghost, and master the art of finding a distinctive escape route at every level. Keep in mind that you'll always be on the run; there's no way to combat enemies, so focus on making a swift exit without taking a hit. Just one enemy strike is enough to end your journey, but this game is designed to instill perseverance in you. Hit the retry button, and restart the level. You have the option to skip a level, but remember, you won't have the chance to revisit that stage and uncover its secrets. Take control of your character's clones, manipulate doors and blocks, evade laser rays, and continually devise creative strategies to survive! Best of luck!

How to play the game Stickman That One Level?

You can use the arrow keys, your mouse, and “W, A, S, D” to play.