What The Hen!
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What The Hen! · game online

In the game "What the Hen!", a cute chick has managed to escape, and your task is to bring it back! While you were clearing the tower, the valuable wizard chicken fled. Will you accept the wizard's challenge and retrieve this precious bird? Are you ready to face enemies on dozens of exciting and challenging levels?

This chick carries golden eggs, and that's why the whole world is eager to possess them. In the game, you will encounter dozens of levels, each of which will require you to battle enemies. You will need to fight their squads to defeat the enemy. At the bottom of the screen, you will see your units, and summoning each of them will require a certain amount of energy, which replenishes over time. Your units are divided into different classes, such as tanks, fighters, and long-range attackers. Use them wisely! You also have the ability to use spells to defeat multiple enemy squads simultaneously. The wizard will provide you with daily tasks, completing which will earn you coins. During the game, you will earn experience and be able to upgrade your character and units. As you progress through levels, you will also unlock new units. Additionally, after completing certain levels, the Arena will become available to you, and later on, the "Clans" feature. In the Arena, you can battle other players, and in the "Clans" section, you can create your own clan or join an existing one. Will you be able to retrieve this precious chicken?

How to play the game What The Hen!?

Use your mouse to play.