Bucket Crusher
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Bucket Crusher · game online

If you're looking for a fascinating and relaxing game, "Bucket Crusher" is a great option. The goal is to use a saw to crush various pixel mosaics as the driver of a bucket crusher. Your job is to control the machine to demolish a wall and progress through levels of increasing difficulty. The more walls you demolish, the more gold coins you earn, which you can use to upgrade your crusher. Starting with small brick walls, you'll eventually face bigger walls with more bricks.

"Bucket Crusher" is a simple destruction simulation game that can help you relieve stress after a long day. There are no time limits, so you can take your time to enjoy the gameplay. However, be aware that running out of fuel will end the game. To avoid this, you must regularly pick up gas cans to replenish your fuel supply. Completing levels quickly can also help you save on fuel.

How to play the game Bucket Crusher?

Just tap and direct your bucket crusher to the wall and start destroying it!