Day D: Tower Rush
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Day D: Tower Rush · game online

Create Your Future!

You've become a part of history, my friend, but most likely, you've ended up in the past. Now the fate of the world is in your hands in this battle of different species for survival! Find out what's stronger - future technology or the power of nature.

Discover the power of science!

Introducing the heroes of the new tactical game "Day D: Tower Rush" - Professor and his faithful robot assistant. They got a little tangled up in time with their machine, but not even armies of dinosaurs can stop them from returning home!

A unique world with 80 levels. Amazing enemies, fearsome bosses, and rare artifacts. The game balance is at its highest level. You will leave your mark in history!

Future technology versus natural wonders!

Fight against thousands of enemies!

Powerful weapons and unique foes!

Perfect game balance!

Prove your superiority!

The game "Day D: Tower Rush" will immerse you in a prehistoric 2D world. Help the professor organize the defense and withstand the dinosaurs!

How to play the game Day D: Tower Rush?

You can use your mouse to play this game.


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