Bubble Shooter Butterfly
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Bubble Shooter Butterfly · game online

Welcome to Bubble Shooter Butterfly, where colorful butterflies have come to play! Dive into the world of vibrant bubbles and embark on a journey through countless relaxing and enjoyable levels.

Admire the kaleidoscope of colors! Your goal in this game is to conquer each level by popping all the bubbles before you exhaust your moves. Utilize your mouse to play, so let's get started! In each level, bubbles will be positioned at the center of the screen in various patterns. At the bottom, you'll find the bubbles you'll launch towards the cluster in the middle. Aim with your mouse and click to shoot a bubble. To burst bubbles, you need to create groups of at least two bubbles of the same color. Popping a group of bubbles will eliminate those beneath them if they aren't connected to any other bubbles except those above. Strive for up to three stars in each level, determined by your score. Optimize your moves to remove all bubbles efficiently, as your remaining moves contribute to your final score. Enjoy the bubble-popping fun!

How to play the game Bubble Shooter Butterfly?

Use your mouse to play.