Food Match
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Food Match · game online

Welcome to Food Match, where a delightful assortment of food and utensils awaits collection, and numerous rooms beckon for your creative touch! Sharpen your focus and align all the items to reap the rewards in coins!

Your objective is straightforward: in each level, you'll encounter a cluster of diverse kitchen utensils and food items encapsulated in a sphere. Your task is to clear this sphere by arranging all these items in groups of three on the bar below. Utilize your mouse to rotate the sphere. Click on an item to place it on the bar, then locate the others to form a trio. Bear in mind that the bar accommodates only 7 spots. Overflowing it will result in losing the level, necessitating a restart. But fear not! If you find yourself in a bind, various power-ups are at your disposal. Upon completing a level, you'll earn coins, which can be used to adorn various rooms. Click on an item you wish to personalize and choose your preferred option. Play more to accumulate coins and embellish every room in the game!

How to play the game Food Match?

You can use your mouse to play this game.