Cozy Room Design
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Cozy Room Design · game online

Welcome to Cozy Room Design, an adorable decorating game that provides you with a delightful opportunity to bring your dream room to life! From selecting furniture and carpets to choosing wallpaper and windows, you have the freedom to design the layout according to your desires. Arrange items, rotate them for a perfect fit, and choose colors that match your taste! To add a lively touch, feel free to include numerous cute cats and dogs on your bed, desk, floor, or any spot you prefer! Once content with your design, simply tap the left button to save your creation. Let's embark on the journey of decorating our dream rooms and sharing our creations with friends!

How to play the game Cozy Room Design?

To manage items/colors, simply click or tap to equip or unequip them. Drag the items to the desired location. Use the rotate button to adjust their position. To remove an item, use the delete button. Save your creation by tapping the save button.