Parkour Block 4
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Parkour Block 4 · game online

Navigate through levels, maneuvering through obstacles in Parkour Block 4! During your journey, you will find yourself in a mysterious temple where you must discover the way out. The vast, gloomy corridors of the temple lead to massive gates, and only your agility will help you escape this perilous place!

In this three-dimensional game, you'll test your balance and orientation skills. Your task is to move carefully, leaping over blocks to avoid the dangerous lava. You'll need to reach portals located at the end of each level to finally break free from the temple's grip. Sixty levels filled with challenges await you before you can step over its threshold. The game offers two modes of play: a speed mode for swift completion and a hardcore mode for those ready for a true challenge. You can control your character using the WASD keys or arrows. Remember that the game provides a first-person perspective, and you'll adjust your orientation using the mouse cursor. Be cautious with every step to avoid falling into the lava, and keep in mind that if it happens, you'll have to restart the level. However, you're given an infinite chance to try again.

How to play the game Parkour Block 4?

The SPACE BAR to jump. The WASD keys to move. SHIFT to run. Mobile: Touch controls.