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Sewage · game online

Welcome to the world of "Sewer Waters" - an exciting adventure game where thrilling events and incredible journeys await you! You'll have to navigate through dangerous labyrinthine sewer tunnels, where caterpillars and weapons will become your loyal companions in this captivating expedition.

Fearlessly stride forward, overcoming all obstacles in your path, for every trial is but a new opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. Collect shiny gold that comes your way and use it to empower your character. Each upgrade brings you closer to freedom, and every coin brings you closer to victory!

Are you ready to accept the challenge and conquer the "Sewer Waters"? Time waits for no one, set forth on your journey and prove to everyone that you are the true hero of this thrilling and captivating game!

How to play the game Sewage?

The controls in the game "Sewage" on a computer are carried out using the WASD keys or the arrow keys on the keyboard, and on a phone or tablet, they are done using taps.