RunMan: Race Around the World
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RunMan: Race Around the World · game online

Welcome to the thrilling world of the game "RunMan: Race Around the World"! In this captivating platformer, you embody the fastest runner in the world, and a stunning field of opportunities opens up before you - just run and never stop! You'll have to overcome all obstacles on the path to victory. But don't worry, you have a secret weapon - the power boost, which will allow you to accelerate to incredible speeds!

Believe me, running in this game is so easy and fun that you'll want to run forever! Every step brings joy, and every dash fills you with a sense of freedom. Amazing locations, exciting adventures, and thrilling challenges await you.

So don't waste time, let's enjoy this unique opportunity and immerse ourselves in the amazing world of running right now! You'll become a true running hero and discover what it means to be the fastest on the planet! Onward to incredible running adventures!

How to play the game RunMan: Race Around the World?

Move Left - A or Left arrow key

Move Right - D or Right arrow key

Jump - X

Re-read the sign - S or Down arrow key

Hold Z to zoom, smash blocks, jump kick off a wall, and attack baddies!