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Dino Run · game online

Dino Run, a timeless running game developed by Pixeljam, puts you in the scaly skin of a dinosaur on a desperate quest to outrun extinction. Your mission is to prevent the demise of your species by evading airborne meteorites and malicious dinosaurs. Assume control of a determined dino fighting for survival, sprinting with all your might and unleashing mighty stomps upon any creatures obstructing your path. Leap over obstacles with precision, ensuring you don't fall into treacherous pits. Spare no effort in avoiding complete annihilation!

Helpful tips:

Gather eggs to earn extra lives.

Seek out super eggs to reach significant milestones in the game and earn valuable DNA. This genetic material can be utilized to enhance your dinosaur's abilities!

For every eight eggs you discover and every eight critters you consume, you'll receive one unit of DNA.

When your feet begin to emit sparks, unleash a speed boost by pressing the shift key.

How to play the game Dino Run?

Move left/right - Left/Right arrow key

Jump - Up arrow key

Duck - Down arrow key

Dash - Shift