Skiddy Taxi
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Skiddy Taxi · game online

Skiddy Taxi is an exhilarating arcade game that turns you into a true master of taxi driving, ready to overcome all obstacles in your path. Your task is to collect passengers by tracing your route through city streets. But be vigilant, as success depends on your precision!

Every step you take will test your agility and cunning. The spinning indicator, like a magical wheel of fortune, demands your precise intervention. You must stop it at the right moment to extend your thrilling journey and continue relentlessly until you reach your destination.

However, don't forget that the route is not just about the green and yellow lines on the road. Your main priority is to target waiting passengers so that you can pick them up as you pass by. Carelessly zooming past unidentified passengers is not your style! Just one detail: don't worry, you can't hit them! But stay alert, as the road is filled with other dangers lurking about. Only with caution and precise calculations can you avoid the mud, buildings, and cars that flash before your eyes.

The question is, can you overcome all the challenges that await you in Skiddy Taxi? This game is not easy, but that's where its charm lies. 30 captivating yet challenging levels promise you unforgettable adventures and ignite excitement in your heart. Get ready for thrilling fun and genuine adrenaline as you confidently pave your way through the urban maze!

How to play the game Skiddy Taxi?

Draw routes for your taxi to pass. Stop the spinning indicator at the right time to extend your track, and keep doing that until you've reached the destination. Pick up as many passengers as possible on your way.