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Croc Word · game online

Join Professor Crook, the expert in linguistic science, on an exciting journey through colorful crosswords in the game "Croc Word"! You'll have the task of creating words from the given letters by swiping your finger or clicking on them. Earn coins to solve crosswords and use hints to find answers to the most challenging questions! "Croc Word" is a puzzle game suitable for players of all ages. Train your brain by solving hundreds of captivating levels and enjoy the immersive gaming experience!

How to play the game Croc Word?

In the game "Croc Word," control on a computer is done using the mouse, while on touch screens, it is done through swiping. The goal of the game "Croc Word" is to form words from the letters at the bottom of the screen. The letters are arranged in a circle. Hold down the left mouse button and draw a line from one letter to another to assemble the intended word. When the word is formed, release the mouse button. If the assembled word is in the crossword, it will appear there. If the word exists but is not in the crossword, it will be added to the list of guessed words.