Toy Match 2
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Toy Match 2 · game online

Collect all your toys in the game "Toys: Match 2"! You have a lot of colorful toy blocks, and you love playing with them. This time, you need to make a game out of sorting them by color for easier storage.

Your goal in this "match 3" puzzle game is to collect sets of identical toy blocks in vertical or horizontal rows. To create such groups of blocks of the same color, you need to click on one block and drag it onto an adjacent block to swap their places. Thus, you will get a block next to at least two other blocks of the same color. The goal for each level will be written on the left side of the screen, and you will pass the level when you collect as many blocks as specified in the task. Don't forget that you have a limited number of moves to complete the game and collect enough blocks. By rearranging the blocks and collecting identical sets, you can also create linear or cross explosions, which will quickly lead to a chain reaction and earn you a lot of points.

How to play the game Toy Match 2?

Click on and drag the blocks to swap places and make sets.