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Welcome to the incredibly engaging game "". This amazing and captivating browser-based online game with 3D graphics will delight you with its pleasant interface that is easy on the eyes. One huge plus of "" is that it's a multiplayer game, allowing you to play with dozens of players from all around the world. Your character will be a cute little worm crawling around a dark field among other player worms. However, beware, as some worms can surprise you with their size. On the field, you'll encounter huge worms belonging to other players, making it not so easy to maneuver around them.

Your main task is to consume small, colorful lights scattered throughout the map. These lights are either randomly distributed across the field or remain after defeating opponents. The more your worm eats, the longer, wider, and bigger it becomes, instilling fear in other players. In the bottom right corner, you'll find a map that allows you to see the most densely populated areas and the number of enemies. You must avoid enemy worms to avoid destruction. To outsmart other players, try to sneak up sideways on an opponent, causing them to scatter into smaller lights upon collision. It's all about cunning and agility. Choose the right strategy, and before you know it, your worm will become a gigantic monster. But remember, even a very small and inexperienced player can outsmart you. They might encircle you or sneak up while you're eating. You must stay vigilant and try to anticipate your opponent's moves to avoid being caught off guard.

Additionally, you can speed up, but doing so will cause you to lose length and mass. To accelerate, you can hold down either the right or left mouse button or the space bar, and then your worm will speed up. However, after doing this, you will leave behind a trail of lights that you've consumed. Your enemies won't hesitate to pounce on the leftovers. That's why you need to eat urgently to recover. You can share the game on social networks. After your first game, various skins will become available to you. You can choose any worm skin you like, from multicolored ones to skeleton-like ones, and even flags representing all countries of the world. Enjoy the game!

How to play the game

Use your mouse to play.


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