Watermelon Suika: Xmas Edition
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Watermelon Suika: Xmas Edition · game online

Welcome to the delightful world of Watermelon Suika! Immerse yourself in this vibrant puzzle game where you can merge adorable fruits to create new ones. Can you achieve the target without overflowing the fruit box?

They say that watermelon is the mightiest among fruits! Your goal in this game is to reach the watermelon by combining identical fruits. To play, simply use your mouse. At the top of the screen, you'll find tongs holding a fruit. Move them left and right with your mouse and click to drop the fruit into the container.

Starting with the smallest fruit, the blueberry, combine two to create a strawberry. Two strawberries form a banana, and two bananas merge into a single orange. Continue merging identical fruits until you reach the ultimate goal, the watermelon. However, be mindful that each tier of fruit is larger than the previous one, so strategic placement is crucial to avoid running out of space.

If you fill the container to the brim, unfortunately, you'll lose and have to restart from the beginning. Enjoy the challenge and have fun!

How to play the game Watermelon Suika: Xmas Edition?

Move your fruit or vegetable with the mouse and click to drop it into the cup.