Stupidella 3
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Stupidella 3 · game online

Join Stupidella on her third installment of bizarre, wacky, and downright silly escapades! In this chapter of her story, Cinderella didn't transform back to her normal self at midnight. Instead, she became Stupidella! From mowing the lawn to striking a pose for a renowned painting, deciphering ancient writings, or even cultivating watermelons, she's up for any challenge. But she can't do it alone—she needs your guidance to navigate through each absurd situation, and the right solution isn't always obvious. If you find yourself stuck on a tricky level, fear not! You can always request a helpful hint to steer you in the right direction. Can you once again assist Stupidella in her antics? The third time's the charm!

How to play the game Stupidella 3?

Click around the different levels to find the solution.